Caroline's Wishlist

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Caroline's Wishlist

Postby 8Caroline8 » Tue Feb 02, 2016 6:11 pm

My Real Pets
~Playful Persian with Cozy Tunnel Bed
~Clever Collie with Puppy Pillow
~Lively Shih Tzu with Puppy Nest

Sparkling Pets
~Royal Bombay Kitty with Kitty Throne
~Proud Crested Cockatiel with Gilded Cage
~Silky Yorkie Pup with Styling Salon

~Mail Order basket of baby kitties

Newborn Families
~Puppy Mom and Dad with Magic Birthing Mommy

Sparkling Pets
~Hungry Kitties with Eat-It-Up Food Dish
~Thirsty Guinea Pigs with Drink-It-Up Bottle

Sparkling Ponies
~Li'l Brush 'n Grow Filly (Ruby)

Fancy Curls Friends
~Primpin' Guinea Pig Pals
~Fluffy Lil' Puppies (any component to this set)

Newborn Families
~Mommy Swan with Snuggling Babies

Sparklin' Sea Sweeties
~Splash 'n Play Cat and Puppy
~Prance 'n Play Seahorses

Splashtime Pets
~Kissing Sea Bunny
~Swingin' Star Sea Monkey
~Ocean Goin' Guppy Puppy
~Mommy Mer Catfish

Pink Zoo accessories, back awning, 1 back door (i know these are rare but you never know)!

Please let me know if you have any of these sets complete or mostly complete! Any of the more rare sets i would be interested in separate pieces too!

Any complete baby buddies!
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