Plushroos want list :)

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Plushroos want list :)

Postby plushroo » Sat Nov 28, 2015 5:22 pm

I'm looking for the following if anyone has these. I prefer to buy, but can also trade though most of my pet shops are more common.

Vintage littlest pet shop complete sets:
Fearless Falcon
Pink Puff Puppy
Ruby filly set or just her accessories

Sea World:
Slippy seal Euro variant set
Zoo playful sealion set (each variation)
Glittering Goldfish set
Japanese released pets (just the pets with dot eyes)

puppy neck charms MIP or loose

plush littlest pet shop pets *(not the cartoon ones)
white cheetah

Pieces to sets I need:
2 red stands to white monkey tree house set
green bird for jungle set

Pet shop present cards for:
Itsy bitsy mice

Food dishes for:
Toddling turtles (single yellow/light brown food)
Let it pour pup (orange double food dish/light brown food)

Kitty goes camping (aqua fishing pole)
Hungry kitties (aqua toy w/purple butterflies)

Clever collie (rolled newspaper)
Sleek Siamese (cartoon card)
Playful Persian (cartoon card)
Lively shih tzu (realistic card)

Mail order puppies (blue handle to basket)

Prancing parade ponies (pink sponge brush)
Royal carriage ponies (magenta saddle)

Country home carry case (small bone, large bone, small bed)
Green apple
Blue bananas
1 blue fish
2 yellow fish
Beethoven swimming pool set (pink whale variant)
2 pink bags
1 yellow bag
blue petshop playset, purple counter,
93 playset (green cash register)
backyard Beethoven kennel (yellow food dish, pink skateboard)
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Re: Plushroos want list :)

Postby Waylah » Fri Dec 04, 2015 5:36 pm

I've got a purple counter and pretty sure I have a green cash register. I'm in Australia though. If you ever need anything posted from Australia, I could always just pop the extra pieces in.
By the by, what is the white cheetah you mention?
***Open for trade!*** looking for: 1993 case collar, mail-order puppies basket handle, and boxes and back cards

Wish list:
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