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Moonlightkitty's wishlist

Postby moonlightkitty » Sun Sep 21, 2014 6:17 pm

I'm NOT interested in merchandise, MOC/MIB, or boxes in general. I live in Australia so I'd rather purchase a bunch of sets all at once due to shipping costs.

I prefer my sets loose without boxes but in good condition. Boxes are just bulky and I don't particularly care for them.

Feel free to post or send me a PM if you have anything on here; I'm happy to purchase. I don't have much to trade.

Looking for these misc items:
Photo reference
Chatter Pets Purry Kittens teal spilt milk dish
Zoo baby bobcat sign and cardboard mat
Paw Print Club Baby Bunnies basket
Prize Winning Pups blue lead
Snuggle Bunny carrots
Bashful Bunny basket
Busy Hamsters travel tag
Sky Blaze pony apple
hair decorations for Amber, Sweetheart colt, Crystal, Mystic, Sky Blaze

Looking for complete sets:
Ready to Go Pets
Ticklish Toucan
Happy Puppy

Pet Presents
Charming Kittens

Cozy Home Pets
Swinging Monkeys
Glittering Goldfish
Bustling Gerbils

Zoo Pets:
Zoo Baby Tiger
Zoo Playful Sea Lion
Zoo Honey Bear

Zoo Pets:
Zoo Playset
Zoo Lion family
Baby Calf
Baby Lamb

Sparkling Ponies
Royal Carriage Ponies
Ruby the Lil brush and Grow Filly

Pup'n Kitty Clubs

Clubhouse Kitties
Fearless Friends Puppy Club

Newborn families

Paw Print Club

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Most wanted: paw print club kittens and puppies!
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