Twincheckers' Wishlist

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Twincheckers' Wishlist

Postby twincheckers » Sun Jun 01, 2014 6:04 pm

-Any baity pieces. Pets, food, cages, anything!

-Zoo Fearless Falcon
-Kissing Sea Bunny--have the bunny, need everything else
-Perky Playful Bunnies-- just missing the cardboard
-Curly Tail Trio--need purple butterfly, curler, comb
-Zoo Baby Calf with Hayfield Home
-Mommy Fox with Playful Pups
-Ocean Going Guppy Puppy--need food
-Pink Puff Puppy—I have the pup, trunk, and the brush.
-Mommy Swan w/ Snuggling Babies
-Ice Palace Ponies-- only have lavender pony
- Prance and Play Seahorses
-Magic Waterfall Pets--have waterfall, need everything else
-Splash n' Play Cat and Puppy
-Mommy Mer Catfish

MOC/MIB wish/dream list
- Zoo Polar Pets
- Zoo Jungle Bunch
- Fluffy Persian
- Royal Bombay
- Happy Puppy
- Perky Puppy
- Splash Zone Deluxe Playset

Non LPS collections: Starting to collect Tyco Little Mermaid.

Random things I'm looking for: buttons for crafting (any size and color), Fulla dolls, #1825 from the 2nd generation LPS (NIB preferred).
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Re: Twincheckers' Wishlist

Postby Nina:) » Mon Jun 02, 2014 11:32 pm

I have the mc donalds Swan for you!
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