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Animal_lover's Wishlist

Postby animal_lover » Fri May 30, 2014 9:04 am

For my collection:

Cozy Home Pets: MIB or Loose w/box (have glittering goldfish loose w/box)
Pet Presents: MIB or Loose w/box (have tiny tortoises loose w/ box)
Ready to Go Pets: MOC Racing Lizard
Zoo Keep Me Safe Pets: MIB or just boxes
Zoo Nursery Pets: MIB Tiger, Chimp
Zoo Wilderness Pets: MOC (have the sealion)

Sparkling Pets: MOC (have yorkie)
Sparkling Ponies: MOC sky blaze pony
Zoo Keep Me safe Pets: MIB Lion family
Zoo Play With Me Pets: MOC baby lamb

Dressed N Ready Pets: MOC(have sleepy puppy and tutu fun kitty)
Easter exclusive MOC
Fancy Curls Carousel MIB or Loose w/box
Fancy Curls friends: MOC (tickled pink kitty)
Jewel Pets MOC
Mini Surprise Pets MOC (have puppies)
Pets on the Move MOC
Plush Dazzling Hair Pets MOC
Pup n Kitty Club MIB
Sparkling Pets: MOC (have guppies and guinea pigs)
Sparkling Pond Pets: MIB or loose w/box
Sparkling Pony Babies: MOC or loose(have everyone but ruby loose)
Star Styles Pet Salon: MIB and loose w/box
Paw Print Club: Kitties

Fancy Curls Friends MOC
Magical Hideaway Pets: MOC(have dress up palace)
Newborn Families: MOC and Loose(have deer moc and loose)
Shimmering Merpets MOC
Puzzles: Mint (have life's a ball)

Random pieces:

Ticklish toucan ring perch
Care center tweezers
Deer set: butterfly
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