How Has Everyone Been?

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How Has Everyone Been?

Postby jillrose » Fri Oct 20, 2017 6:38 am

Hi all! I am kind of saddened again by how little activity happens here these days :( I know everyone gets busy, and it seems like some of the old regulars have moved on and forgotten about the forum :oops:

Nevertheless, I wanted to see who still checks in fairly regularly and ask how everyone is doing!

I'm still in Miami Beach, and my family stayed through the terrible hurricanes. We were fine!! :) Just had to replace our bedroom rug, which had been balding in several areas anyway, so we were actually happy to get it done following the storm-related leakage issues.

However, this meant dismantling all my setups so that my display cabinets could be moved!! Soon I will be carefully cleaning my entire collection as I create a new display. **Excitement!**

I'm hoping to revamp my somewhat defunct Instagram account during the process, overthe90srainbow, since I'll have daily opportunities to take photos of each set as it gets cleaned and placed.

I haven't added to my collection recently since my wishlist is pretty slim these days, but I am hoping for two things in the mail soon! ;)

Let me know how you're all doing!!
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Re: How Has Everyone Been?

Postby TequilaMockingbird » Sat Oct 21, 2017 3:39 pm

Hi Jill! Glad to hear you're doing ok. I'm still checking in too, just not posting as much. I was wondering about you IG account since I hadn't seen much.

I'm adjusting to San Fran. Its completely different from NYC so still adjusting. Liking work, and we got a puppy! (actually she's a 2-3 year old chihuahua mix rescue but she acts like a little baby :lol: ).

What's new in everyone else's world?
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Re: How Has Everyone Been?

Postby dIGITS » Tue Nov 21, 2017 7:03 am

Hey guys! I still have frequent LPS dreams and though I only check in once a year here I do miss it! I am on Instagram (poshdollyparade) with my doll collection these days.

Still living in the Midwest and busy as ever but no! I haven't forgotten about the forum! My LPS wishlist is pretty small so I get discouraged whenever I try to collect So that's part of the reason for not checking in. I have in my list to take better collection photos but for now all my sweet pets are in storage while I wait to hopefully get a home next spring/summer *fingers crossed*
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