**UPDATED** Baby Buddies & Pets for Sale

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**UPDATED** Baby Buddies & Pets for Sale

Postby jillrose » Sun Mar 13, 2016 11:47 am

Hi everyone! I'm selling everything you see in the photo below. Please read my parameters carefully. This is cross-posted under the "Forum Sales" category, so mods, if double-posting is not allowed, please let me know so that I may remove one post :)

- Nothing is priced; please make an offer via PRIVATE MESSAGE and I will either accept it or negotiate it
- Feel free to ask for a more detailed photo of a specific item or items, as well as details about condition. All of the pieces here are in good to excellent condition.
- I need to clear these sets out, and therefore if you wish to purchase an animal, please also purchase the correlating baby or babies. I will not even charge much for them; I just want them gone!
- Buyer pays all shipping & optional insurance charges
- IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE OF THE US: I am reluctant to attempt ex-US shipments, because I lack both experience and the time required to fill out customs forms. If you are outside the US and really want something I have for sale, please be prepared to warn me of any regulations your country may have when it comes to receiving parcels from the US and help me along with the process.
- Payment via Paypal ONLY and the funds must be sent "as a gift" so that no charges are incurred to me
- I have a full-time job, and therefore it may take several days for me to get to a post office for calculating shipping cost and then doing the actual shipment once payment is received.

That all said, here is what I have:

Most Wanted: fakie baby pets!
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