Behind-the-scenes update

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Behind-the-scenes update

Postby sarafina » Wed Aug 06, 2014 1:47 pm

Many thanks to everyone for the patience you had with the day-long outage here at the forum.

The outage was a planned thing, though I didn't know quite when it would happen, so I apologize for not giving you warning! As you know, my goal in establishing this new forum was to help secure the longevity of the LPS community, and that's what this outage was about.

The long & short of it is that the forum thus far had been hosted with my other web sites (for LPS & my art) on a server I've been using since high school. My fantastic host kindly moved the forum & its database to another server (same host), and in redirecting the domain, there was an expected outage. There were a few reasons for doing that:

  • With the database, all sorts of little issues were cropping up - problems with sending PMs over a certain length, etc. It all has to do with the php coding (which the database is written in), and I'm a complete novice with all that. The server I've been using for all these years is running a slightly outdated version of 'PHPMyAdmin', which is basically an interface for working with/fixing the php code. The forum is now on a new server that has the upgraded version, so that will hopefully make things a bit easier to fix behind-the-scenes. Problems will inevitably arise, but I think that this server will be a better fit for the forum's database. Though I still remain pretty clueless in that world. ;)
  • Since my hope in starting this forum was to ensure the longevity of the LPS community (which was in question at the time), I think it's important that the forum can be as autonomous as possible...rather than being tied to a specific person, I want to have it stand alone. I think of the behind-the-scenes person (or people) as being stewards rather than owners. I'm committed to our amazing little community, of course, but I know that - despite all of our best intentions! - life can surprise & overwhelm us all (in both good and bad ways!). So, rather than being in a sub-folder of one of my existing web sites, I thought it would be best to move the forum to its own, independent account - call it insurance. I think it's a good first step toward making this place a permanent fixture! Life gets crazily busy for us all, but I intend to make sure that the forum has the ability to stand alone & continue on. :)
  • By the same token, I should mention that the forum is on continuous monthly billing, and the domain has auto-renewal.
  • We will ONLY be using the forum's new domain - - rather than its previous URL (a subfolder of my LPS site). I'll send out a message to all of the members here as a reminder, but do be sure to use the new domain name.

Anyhoo, those are the nitty-gritty details for anyone who may be interested! I know that these first few months of the forum's life have been a bit rocky, but that's to be expected, since there was so much to be done & worked out. New color schemes are STILL coming (promise!), but I felt it was important to get this stuff out of the way first. :)

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!
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Re: Behind-the-scenes update

Postby LPS-in-Germany » Thu Aug 14, 2014 6:19 am

Thank you for all the work you put in here :) :)
It was actually a bit weird having no access to the forum...(where else to go?? HELP!!! :lol: )
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