Techno Zoids

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Techno Zoids

Postby Waylah » Wed Feb 11, 2015 2:03 am

Oh man, I just watched a string of ads from 1995. Wow! There was an ad for robot animals (techno zoids), but as i watched it I REMEMBERED! I remembered wanting that robot dinosaur, and just being fascinated that you could build your own robot! My highest desired toys were ones with mechanical parts, anything that moved.
Looking at it now, the ad is clearly pitched as a 'boys toy'. I didn't really have any idea of 'boys toys' and 'girls toys' when I was little, (except maybe for barbie) and was shocked and confused when I found out that Littlest Pet Shop was a "girl's" toy.
I googled the robot 'Techno Zoids' toy line and lo and behold, it was Kenner! (don't we know they made the best toys!) But it flopped apparently. Clearly they should have been targeting robot dinosaurs to little 6-year-old girls as well; they would have done much better!
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Re: Techno Zoids

Postby jeapos88 » Wed Feb 11, 2015 6:25 am

I remember those! I have 3 brothers and I know at least one of them had some. Actually they may still have them somewhere, now I'll have to look :lol:
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