Looking for Cats/Kittens/more! (please look)

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Looking for Cats/Kittens/more! (please look)

Postby >> Leafstorm515 » Fri Jan 29, 2016 4:17 pm

Hi there! I'm looking to find some of these sets

http://littlestpetshop.50webs.com/mommyandbabies.htm ( I want the
cats the most. I do not care about accessories/complete sets, I'll look at
anything and everything.)
Clubhouse kitties
Jogging gerbils
http://littlestpetshop.50webs.com/newcozyhomepets.htm Bustling gerbils
Purry kittens

Sets aren't as valuable to me, loose/quantity pets is more appealing. Please
post/message me with what you have and a price quote if possible. Thank you!
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